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APA107 the Newest IC Chip Are Coming

APA107 is the newest IC chip! APA102 is the update version for APA102/APA102C chip.The same as APA102, can use the same led controller and same led programs as APA102/APA102C.

Advantages: APA107 is much more better than APA102. Much more stable and less light decay.

APA107 now can do many kind led strips as below:

APA107 30LEDs/m

APA107 32LEDs/m

APA107 60LEDs/m

APA107 72LEDs/m

APA107 144LEDs/m

PCB Color: White PCB/Black PCB

IP Grade: Non-waterproof IP20, Waterproof silicon coating IP65, Waterproof silicon tube IP67.

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